County urges residents to recycle right under new Recycling Purity Restrictions

Burlington County Times

Every day, approximately 350,000 pounds of paper, cardboard, bottles and cans are collected through the Burlington County Regional Recycling Program based in Westhampton. The facility sorts the material by type that recycling mills purchase to be reused and removes unwanted items.

Recently, an increase of unusable materials made its way into the recycling center, such as medical needles, dirty diapers and propane gas tanks. These unusable materials have contaminated 9 percent of the program’s recycling collection, which is making the new recycling purity restrictions that much tougher.

Burlington County Regional Recycling photos credit Burlington County Times

Recycling Mills in China, which consume about half of the worlds recycled paper and plastic, have imposed new purity standards on paper and cardboard to accept no more than 0.5 percent contamination. The same restrictions will be applied to other recycled goods within 18 months.

Burlington County Regional Recycling video credit Burlington County Times

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