Plan to Turn Food Scraps Into Compost Near Homes Draws Packed House


A proposal to start a business turning food scraps into compost in Warren County is generating concern from neighbors over truck traffic and potential odors.

The plan from Vivaria Ecologics LLC for a 42-acre property along Blau Road in Mansfield Township went before the county Solid Waste Advisory Council on Thursday night, drawing a standing-room-only crowd of about 75 people.


Recycling instead of landfilling an estimated 3,416 tons of food waste generated each year in Warren County would help extend the life of the county’s landfill and reduce greenhouse emissions, since the scraps would become beneficial compost rather than methane-generating garbage, DeFeo said.

“This type of material, food scraps, makes some of the highest quality compost you can make because the source is so rich,” he told the county advisory council.


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