New Jersey Recycling Center implements an Odor-Suppression System

Essex News Daily

The foul smell of mulch from New Jersey's West Orange Recycling Center, has been spreading to nearby residential neighborhoods for years. In an effort to prevent the odor, Reliable Wood Products has installed an odor-suppression system. This new system, implemented in April 2017, sprays an odor neutralizer into the air, whenever necessary, to terminate any aroma particles before they even leave the recycling center.

West Orange Recycling Center MulchWhile no odor suppression system is perfect, this particular one seems to be working correctly. Wayne DeFeo, an environmental consultant who inspects the West Orange Recycling Center, says he has not yet found any problems with this new system. "Overall, so far as I can tell, it seems to do its job". According to Wayne DeFeo, the odor suppression system is a fairly simple technology consisting of a large, moveable tank with two nozzles attached. The tank, contains a plant-based, nontoxic odor neutralizing compound, mixed with water. Whenever waste material is onsite, and the wind is blowing in the direction of the neighborhood, the odor suppression system is moved downwind and sprays the odor neutralizer into the air. DeFeo compares it to the concept of spraying Febreze in your home.

While the West Orange Recycling Center is still perfecting this system, DeFeo's reports show that no odor was detected offsite and only a slight odor was detected in certain areas of the center.

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