New Jersey schools push ban on Styrofoam Food containers


The easy, take home, lightweight styrofoam food containers great for leftovers are not so great for the environment. In fact, they are becoming the worst forms of litter, the kind that never goes away and is found everywhere.

Pstyrofoam food containerem up curbside and most recycling centers won't even accept them.

Wayne DeFeo, an environmental consultant who advises towns and counties on recycling commented "The biggest factor holding back curbside recycling is cost. Polystyrene foam is 95 percent air, making it very expensive for municipalities to collect and transport."

A few NJ municipalities, including Rahway, Jersey and Secaucus, have already banned foam containers. Now, additional efforts in New Jersey are underway, which includes a bi-partisan bill, that would ban styrofoam food containers from public schools and state colleges.

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