Successful Recycling: Dispelling Common Myths

Among the myths managers must address in revamping recycling programs in institutional and commercial facilities are these:

  • Recycling costs more. In fact, most recycling programs can save organizations money. Recycling costs more generally when organizations add recycling programs without corresponding efficiencies in solid-waste service.
  • Recycling is more work. Are workers really moving any more material than if a recycling program was not in place? If done correctly, recycling should not make anyone's job more difficult.
  • People will not recycle. People generally want to recycle. They simply do not know how, or recycling programs are too complicated for them. Simplicity is essential.
  • No markets exist. Markets change, but managers can find markets for most recycled materials.
  • Organizations should be paid for recycled materials. Well, yes and no. This depends on: the amount, type, and quality of the material; the frequency and type of collection; the distance the material must move; and the method of collecting recyclable materials.