One Small Change For You to Think About on Earth Day…Small Changes do Matter

Ok, it is Earth Day…and Happy Earth Day to all…Of course, every day should be Earth Day..but that is another blog.

earth day

I was recently in a meeting where someone stated that the small things that we do don’t really matter when it comes to the environment. Well, I don’t agree. I think that at the very least, in these times where we see wholesale assaults on the environment from alleged leaders, small changes not only matter, they can make us each feel just a bit better about ourselves. That is no small matter….

So, take a look at the recycling video attached. See if you can answer:

Am I recycling properly? If not, make the corrections outlined in the video. Every time one of us makes a change that improves our stewardship of this planet, it means that there is one less person doing more harm than good.

After watching this video, go get at least two other people to recycle correctly…and ask them to do the same with two more people…IF 500 people read this and watch the video, that means that within a day, it is possible that more than 1000 or more people will change their recycling habits…

Small things really do matter.

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