Economy, Ecology and the Future N.J. Raritan River Region

What’s In It for Us?

On June 16, 2011 New Jersey’s Sustainable Raritan River Initiatives held a conference at Rutgers University’s Cook College in New Brunswick, New Jersey. To this writer, the key element of this conference was the fine print….What’s in it for Us? When speaking to environmental issues, it is important to understand that we are the primary beneficiaries of sound environmental practices.

I found it interesting that each of my co-presenters dealt with economics and the environment. Cudos to each and every one for bringing this issue to the forefront.…for too long we have separated economics and the environment.

Unfortunately, it appears that there are some who still think that 19th century industrial practices are still economically viable…including some elected officials.

I was privileged to present on the economics of green building. To demonstrate that green building is not a cost but an investment that can pay returns in three years was most gratifying.

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