Governor Brown and California Understand Both Economics and Leadership; Trump does not.

I am impressed that California has extended its Cap and Trade program for Carbon emissions. The program, which nationally has no hope of moving forward under this administration, has been demonstrated to work in British Columbia and is now on its way to getting better in California.

carbon emissions footprintBy work, I mean that it both reduces Carbon emissions and boosting the economy.

Unfortunately, on a national scale we are being “led” by those that see economics as a mechanism that benefits them and a system that is arcane and out of date. That is, the old let’s take all of our resources and destroy all that we can so that the few who have much can have more.

California is showing a different route. All can do well and good at the same time.

Sadly, we have a few more months in New Jersey before we have any chance for change here. Wouldn’t it be nice to see New Jersey move in this direction?

Read the full article:
Gov. Jerry Brown signs law to extend cap and trade, securing the future of California’s key climate program

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