The Perfect Gift For The Person Who Likes To Worry

The bad news….as we are going into year three of the “It’s all about me” presidency….and certain fools continue to dismantle environmental safeguards, we read that there is a continuing effort to eliminate air pollution monitors…But wait…technology can actually be useful…

Personal air monitors, or local monitors can help us figure out what the air is like where we work and where we live. On the downside, they may make us worry more. On the upside, we can use this technology in two positive ways that I think will help drive change.


1. At work and home…At work, if the air is bad, get everyone together and force change for more fresh air in the building. This is not hard to do and can often be done with almost no energy loss. It can cost money…but aren’t you worth it? At home, open the darn windows from time to time and use products that do not emit harmful fumes.

2. In neighborhoods, start a campaign to monitor the air and see if you can identify the cause of any negative sources.

In other words, let’s empower ourselves as change agents.

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