PNC Bank no longer Financing Coal-Mining Companies

This is one of the best pieces of news that I have read in some time when it comes to helping eliminate strip mining. By any measure, strip mining is one of the most environmentally destructive methods of extracting coal that we have ever devised. In turn, banks have been making a good deal of money off of this land rape.


Finally, PNC bank, and others are starting to get the message that we should be doing good as we do well. What is most surprising about the long history of PNC funding strip mining is that they are big supporters of sustainability. They build LEED certified buildings, they have supported USGBC for many years; yet until now, they supported strip mining.

Well, they have made a step in the right direction and good for them.

Cutting off the money supply should help to slowly choke off this destructive source of dirty fossil fuel.

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A New Tack in the War on Mining Mountains
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