Possibly the Greatest Job in the World

I have to admit that reading about Ms. Clancy’s job in New York made me a bit envious. I had wanted to become a forester but didn’t.

trees in front of brownstones reducing heat island effect

In the meantime, this article shows what one person can do to help mitigate climate issues, reduce heat island effects, help wildlife, help people have shade and pretty plants to look at and have fun doing it. Each year Ms. Clancy oversees the selection of some 9000 trees for planting. Wow…At best I figure that in my work and personally, I have planted about 175 trees total…a pittance.

More importantly, this article highlights the importance of three things as I see it:

1. Everyone has an important job to do when it comes to working in cities.
2. Trees offer many benefits to people and cities.
3. Most towns and cities do not spend enough effort on selecting or caring for their trees…they consider them an after thought.

My congratulations on a job well done Ms. Clancy…and let’s all work to reduce heat island effect with more trees.

Read The Full Article Here:
Her Job? Planting Thousands of Trees Every Year in New York City.

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