San Francisco Recycling works…but we still get the words wrong.

First, let me say that San Francisco is a model of recycling that shows what people can do when they work together. It also shows that properly separated recyclables can be moved to market and that the entire process can be done cost effectively.

San Francisco requires residents to sort recyclables, compostables and garbage….three sorts in three cans. This type of sorting can and does work.

recyclablesOn these points the Times article gets it right. HOWEVER, I am still dismayed at the incorrect use of language, especially in the Science Times, when it comes to recycling. Words like Garbage Trucks, “recyclable garbage” and debris permeate the article. UGH….

Recyclable materials are NOT GARBAGE or DEBRIS….they are commodities. Until we get the language correct, we will not succeed in educating anyone about how to handle these materials.

Come on New York Times, you should know better.

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San Francisco, ‘the Silicon Valley of Recycling’
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