And Yet Another Reason Why Recycling Is So Difficult

Here we have a company with a long history…and a fairly good sustainability record according to them, and yet…

They invent a packaging plastic wrap that cannot be recycled. Why? Well, if you noted in an earlier post, plastics can be hard to recycle since they have different chemistries. Even plastics of the same basic chemical make up behave differently when manufactured in different ways.

Film plastic wrap, used in dry cleaning and other applications, can already be recycled. Why invent a new plastic that can’t be?

Even though film plastic wrap (You know, plastic bags, dry cleaner bags, etc.) can all be recycled at collection points, along comes a brilliant mind and creates a film plastic composed of not 1, not 2 but 3 different plastics bound together. On top of that, one layer contains a strong adhesive!!!!!

Please tell your friends and neighbors to avoid this product.

3M, get your act together.

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