Donald Trump, the King of Spin

Donald Trump says that he wants to help business by cutting regulations by 75%. He also claims that he is a “very big person” when it comes to the environment and that he has received awards on this very topic.

donald trump

However, in a recent Washington Post article, it is clearly proven that this is yet another of Mr. Trump’s use of Alternative Facts. Indeed, there is no evidence that Donald J. Trump has ever won an environmental award of any kind. Now to be fair, his Bedminster Golf Course did receive a Metropolitan Golf Association Club Environmental Award in 2007 for environmental stewardship…but this same course was cited by the NJDEP in 2011 for environmental violations.

Given his views on the environment and his proffering of environmental luddites to positions of power, his claim does not stand up.

Read the full article:
Trump’s unsupported claim he has ‘received awards on the environment’

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