Microplastics are Everywhere

This sentence says it all on microplastics. “The staggering amount of microplastics we found likely means that no river, lake or stream is safe from this increasingly common contaminant.” Franz Savitz, PennEnvironment Research & Policy Center.


Let me scare you some more. Rutgers is now studying the impact on marine species that we consume….including, blue crabs, oyster and bass.

We are not just talking about microbeads…which have been banned by federal law, but the remnants of our clothing such as rayon and polyester. We have to reduce plastic manufacture and focus on the basics. Plastic may have a place, and I am certainly as guilty of using it as many in spite of my efforts to reduce and eliminate it, but there is a point where industry must be held accountable.

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‘Staggering amount of microplastics’ found in Delaware Estuary waterways

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