Girl Scout Cookies: Not Teaching Much About Sustainability

Now don’t get me wrong…I am all for supporting the Girl Scouts. I also have a fondness for Girl Scout Cookies!!! So, what is wrong with these pictures?

Lemon Girl scout cookies

Girl Scout Cookies

No, not that I ate them all…that was a given…No, not that I did not share them with you…Not going to happen.

Look at the packaging. Note that, at least in these lemon cookies, the package is plastic…and, as correctly noted on the package, it is not recyclable. HMMM. Microplastics anyone?

Also note that it says that the tray may be recyclable in certain areas. Also the tray is #6 PS, Polystyrene. Recyclable anywhere? NO!

Number 6 plastic tray

I contacted both the Girl Scouts and the baking company. I received a reply from the Girl Scouts stating that the tray is recyclable in some areas…I explained to them that this is not so.

EVEN if that were true, why would Girls Scouts support a product that contributes to the problem of microplastics, pollution, the use of polystyrene and harms the recycling effort? Where is sustainability education in the Girl Scouts?

If you are the parent of a Girl Scout, or you buy Girl Scout Cookies…and I know that many still come in boxes, write or call them.

The Girl Scouts are sending a poor mixed message to the young women that they are supposed to be teaching.

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